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Considering the increasing number of plastic materials in the world and its dangers for the environment as well as the lives of humans and other creatures, we are all responsible. The best solution to prevent these damages and reduce the damage caused by plastic on nature is to reuse these materials Instead of producing new materials, returning waste to the production cycle.
The role of our company in this cycle is to collect waste plastic materials from the production of factories as well as used and second-hand plastic materials and re-transfer these materials in different forms to the production cycle.

  • Made from 100% recycled PE materials
  • Rigid or semi-rigid (by request)
  • Injection grade
  • Best suited for PE fittings
  • Available in Gray or Black colour

Besides producing recycled PVC compound and PET flakes, general recycled plastics trading is also one of our core business.
We regularly buy and sell PET, PVC, PP, PE, PC, HIPS, and PTA to satisfy both local and international markets.
Please contact us for further information about stock and availability.

We are a reputable company in the field of recycling plastic materials with 20 years of brilliant experience.
And we try to provide recycled plastic materials in crushed form or in the form of high-quality granules to the manufacturers in order to help keep the world green by using less plastic.

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